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 Legend of Lady Thu Bon festival.


This festival falls on the 12th day of the second month of the lunar calendar, and is celebrated in Lady Thu Bon's Palace in Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district. It is a traditional festival of the ancient Cham Pa people that was inherited and is still kept nowadays.

According to the legend, Bo Bo was the daughter of a rich man in Thu Bon Village who lived hundreds of years ago. At the age of five, she exhibited an extraordinary talent for using the leaves and roots of different types of trees and plants in the region to treat diseases. She never accepted payment for her services and neither did she ever accept any of the many proposals for marriage given to her, even from wealthy men and royal families.
When she passed away on the 12th day of the second month of the lunar year, she was still a young virgin. The villagers covered her body with leaves and flowers. That night, the lid of her coffin mysteriously opened and an aroma of flowers spread throughout the village. Villagers from Thu Bon have since built the Thu Bon Tomb and the Thu Bon Temple for Bo Bo, whom they now remember and worship as Goddess Thu Bon. Elderly villagers still tell stories about Thu Bon's supernatural powers.

One popular tale says a man once visited Thu Bon Temple asking the saint to cure his wife's infertility. Elders say the goddess then entered the man's body and rushed to his house with a candle. Through the man's body, Thu Bon touched the pregnant woman's belly and she gave birth immediately.
Lady Thu Bon, also known as Lady Bo Bo, is the woman who had a great contribution to agriculture and fishery in alluvial land. During the festival, the atmosphere is animated and people are excited. Apart from the offerings, the festival includes traditional games and processions such as regatta, vehicle and water processions, dances and festival songs. Boat races are still some of the most interesting activities of the Thu Bon Goddess Festival, though now the competing teams come solely from Quang Nam. Before the race, all contestants attend a worshiping ceremony, offering incense at Thu Bon Temple. Apart from the ceremonies and their legends, festival-goers can also enjoy art performances, fashion shows, a national beach volleyball tournament, photo exhibitions on Quang Nam, and seminars on culture preservation.
During these days, Thu Bon river is sometimes waved by the acclamation and encouragement along two riversides but sometimes is engraved and fond in the memory of the past. Now, the Lady Thu Bon festival is being revived by the Duy Xuyen authorities, with the use of many ancient games from the Central region. Coming to the festival, tourists have a chance to visit My Son Temple and Tower Zone - a famous World cultural heritage.

Existence of the holy life
The elderly villagers usually tell their offspring about the goddess' supernatural powers. One legend has it that a man came to Thu Bon Temple to beg Thu Bon to help his wife during her difficult delivery. Responding to the man's prayers, Thu Bon incarnated into the man's body and quickly rushed across a large field with a lighting candle. When she arrived in the man's home, she touched the wife's belly, and the woman gave birth immediately.

Lady Thu Bon Festival is held annually and the rate should have called the people of Ba.This year's festival takes place in a solemn air, flowing with color folk. Besides the main festival, there are many other activities such as sailing, all play, performing art ...

This is an opportunity for children to gather in the village. The days of the festival, the more bustling atmosphere, people come to the festival as more fun to revive a peaceful countryside capital.

Through these activities take place at the festival can be found, Lady Thu Bon festival represents a process of popular beliefs, the spiritual significance between the two ethnic Cham - Vietnamese. The quintessence of the national culture while preserving their own ethnic identity is very respectful. If investment is embellished mausoleum that she is genuine where it will attract tourists to the mausoleum to find her, a beautiful symbol of the aspirations of human love, nature and the will of the people rise up.


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