1.Which language will they understand?

English is spoken at hotels, restaurants, shops, airlines offices, and service offices. Guides that speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese are available in big cities.

2.Do's and Don'ts?
Eating out is no problem at all in major cities where you can easily find good restaurants.
It is advisable to eat in hotels in remote areas unless you have a reliable advice from your guide. You should avoid uncooked, partially cooked or reheated meat, fish and raw
vegetable, especially when they have been left out exposed to dust and flies. Filtered and bottled water is usually available and safe.
Cameras, precious jewelleries, cash, passport should be deposited at hotel or taken care carefully while you are travelling by train or walking in the streets.
Local trains have been renovated and service on trains has been improved in the past   few years. However, the standard is still below international qualification and therefore  travel by train is not recommendable to elderly people.

3.  What food will I find?
Besides rice, which is a staple of every meal, Vietnam has abundant food supplies and an elaborate cuisine. Some Vietnamese dishes have achieved international fame, including such traditional dishes as beef or chicken noodle (pho), pork sausage (gio lua), spring rolls (nem ran) and fish balls (cha ca).
4. Should I tip?
Tipping is customary, though not compulsory, to tip tour guides and drivers at the end of tours. Hotel porters and restaurant waiters should also be tipped, especially in big cities like Hanoi and in Saigon. In a top-end hotel, feel free to tip bellhops anywhere from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND (about US$1). Most upscale restaurants throughout the country now add a service surcharge of 5% to 10%. If they don't, or if the service is good, you might want to leave another 5%. Taxi drivers will be pleased if you round up the bill (again, mainly in the big cities). Use your discretion for tour guides and others who have been particularly helpful.

5. Where can I find information about the destination and country I want to stay
Do not travel until you check our website, ever thing you can find within our best tourism site in Vietnam, just check our Travel Information on our website at: http://exoland-travel.com/vi/html/id93/Useful-Information/
6. Who is my guide ?

Our guides that have all been carefully selected and trained. They are open-minded, well-educated and enthusiastic young people who can provide the traveler with first-hand knowledge of Vietnamese culture and history. They are also curious about foreign cultures and are eager to engage in a cultural exchange with visitors. Our guides speak Chinese, Vietnamese, English, French and German. Many of them speak multi languages.

We have guides in the major regions of the Indochina (Hanoi, Danang/Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Seam Reap, Vientiane and Luang Phrabang). Upon arrival at the airport, a local guide will meet you and be your escort for the duration of your stay in that particular city.

However, you have the option of hiring a guide or a tour leader who will accompany you through your entire journey.

6. Who Can I contact if I need the immediate help from Exoland  Travel Company?
If traveling with your tour guide, please contact with him first. If not the case, you can contact our Customer Service Manager by French, English and Vietnamese on 24/7: ++84.912.906.011 - Mrs. Nguyen  (English, French and Vietnamese)

7. Is there someone pick up me at airport?

Mostly our tour package is airport to airport so check if your airport transfer included or not on our services voucher.


8. Can I use my reward points from Accor, Mariott, Starwood, Hilton etc. on your site?

No. Only reservations made directly with the participated hotels can use reward points. Howerver if you are a Golden Lotus Member of Vietnam Airlines, you can accumulate points with the selected and signed hotels with Vietnam Airlines.

9.   Do you have e-tickets in Vietnam?

Vietnam Airlines, among very few airlines companies, offers electronic ticket. If an electronic ticket is available, we will issue an electronic ticket instead of a paper ticket, unless a paper ticket is specifically requested by the customer. Electronic tickets will be emailed or faxed to the customer.


10. How can I receive delivery of a paper airline ticket?

The method and cost of delivery of ticket will depend on your location and your preferences.

For customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, we offer free delivery of your tickets to your local

residence or office address.

For customers in Vietnam but outside of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, tickets will be delivered by EMS at

the customer’s expense.

For customers outside Vietnam, tickets can be purchased in advance and held for delivery later to a

hotel or resort or can be shipped internationally at the time of purchase. International shipping is

available by Federal Express, DHL or a local provider within Vietnam at the customer’s choice, and all

shipping fees will be paid by the customer.

For international flights to Vietnam (Saigon, Danang or Saigon) we recommend you to purchase at

home for a better deal and we take care for the rest with land arrangment.

11. Can I change the travel dates after issuing the tickets and hotel vouchers?
Packages usually have certain booking terms and restrictions and date change may be subject to

charges or even not permitted.

12. Which Airlines Company Flies To Vietnam ? Can You Refer Me to Their Website to Book Online?

There are many airlines companies which fly to Vietnam every day. From Europe , you can fly with Airfrance ( http://www.airfrance.com ), British Airway ( http://www.britishairways.com ), Lufthansa ( http://www.lufthansa.com ), Eva air ( http://www.evaair.com  ), Vietnam Airlines ( www.vietnamairlines.com )...

From Asia, Thai Airway ( http://www.thaiairways.com ) , Japan Airlines ( http://www.jal.com/en ) , Malaysia Airlines ( http://www.malaysiaairlines.com ), Singapore Airlines ( http://www.singaporeair.com ) ... Tiger Airway ( www.tigerairways.com ), Air Asia ( www.Airasia.com ), Pacific Airlines ( www.pacificairlines.com.vn ), Siemreap Airway ( http://www.siemreapairways.com )…

If you are from the USA , Vietnam Airlines ( www.vietnamairlines.com ) and American Airlines ( http://www.aa.com/index_us.jhtml ) are the best choice

13. This website is recommended for searching all flights you want http://www.airline-network.co.uk/index.asp


14. We have our international tickets to and from Vietnam . We have booked a tour package using regional and domestic flights. Could you please advise what will be happening with our internal airline tickets for travel within Vietnam , how will we be given these?

When you receive our service voucher confirmation, all services you have booked with us including

domestic flights, hotels and other logistic services which have been  already confirmed. We issue your

airtickets in Vietnam for your convenience with lost tickets worry free. Our tour guide and/or our

colleagues will deliver them to you in person or at your hotel in Vietnam . You enjoy the peace of mind,

we care for you and your domestic flights for smoth and hassle free holiday.

15. You have a wonderful website, I want to order your tour packages, service and want to know if the interesting rate is still valid?
This rates on our website is valid until 31 Dec and subject to confirmation from Exoland Travel . Service is thus subject to availability.


16. Why Should I Book Private Tours or Set itineraries With Scheduled Departure Dates?

While most companies present a number of set itineraries with scheduled departure dates, thus forcing

you to fit within their framework, we take a very different approach. At Exoland Travel Co., Ltd, we offer

private vacations in South East Asia.

We offer private vacation itineraries that are personalized and tailor-made to perfectly fit your interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you are traveling as a couple, a family, a group of friends, an organization, or some combination thereof, we will put together a trip that fits everybody’s desires and departs when you want!

The real beauty of private travel is having flexibility during your vacation. Because you have your own expert guides with private vehicles, you are free to make changes on a whim. Then by all means, please do this and more! There is no bus to catch, no rigid schedule to follow, and no large group with competing demands. This is your vacation with your own private guides who are there each step of the way to ensure you have the perfect experience.

Private travel is also about receiving the best service available, which includes incredible attention to detail, help with every facet of your vacation, and unsurpassed expertise. We deliver all this and more.

Our travel advisors and guides are some of the best in the industry and we all follow one simple rule: you are our most important priority. We will do absolutely whatever it takes to ensure you have the easiest, most satisfying vacation experience to date.


17.  I would like to pay USD cash on arrival and are happy to provide my credit card details as a guarantee the booking . It is possible?

At Luxury Travel Company, we accept the method of payment which is the most convenient to our guests. You can pay us in cash on arrival and credit card is just to guarantee your booking. However any cancellation at last minute will be automatically charged in full from your given credit card in conform with our booking conditions.



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