1. My credit card number is correct, but it is not accepted on your online reservation form / I am getting an error while making a payment?. Why?
There are a few possibilities:
- Make sure you are not using a proxy internet connection. A direct connection to internet is required for security purpose
- Our Payment Gateway opens in a new Windows. Make sure that pop up blocking software/features are turned off
- Make sure the input details are correct
- Make sure the card expiration date do not precede the reservation date.
- Make sure you have not reached your credit limit
- If you get an error apart from the reasons above, please contact our Online Agent


2. I have filled in your secure credit card payment form. Why do you need my passport or a copy of 2 sides of my credit card?.

For the security reason, your bank requires our bank in Vietnam an autorised credit card payment form, a copy of the card holder's passport or a copy of 2 sides of your credit card if the transaction is over 500 USD


3.   Your company has our completed credit card payment form. Why you are not able to charge on our given credit card?
There are a few possibilities:  


You have reached your credit limit.
Make sure you have filled in correctly the information of your credit card.
Make sure you have informed your bank about the autorised amount of transaction
Make sure you are the cardholder with your correct signature.
Make sure your credit card can be used for all transactions on the internet.


4. Why is the price different to when I last checked and or in comparasion with my last stay?This normally depends on market conditions and currency fluctuations. During peak tourist season, convention, fairs etc. the prices are likely to change. Slight variation on periodical basis is more likely to reflect fluctuation in currency exchange rates.

However, once booked the price for a hotel is fixed as that at the time of reservation. We guaranteed that our room rates are the most competitives


5. Can I book/ pay directly to the hotel?

No. The rates displayed on Exoland Travel Website are available only through our Vietnam hotel and resort reservation service. Hotel walk-in rates are up to 75% more expensive. Our online agents are able to assist you with alternative hotels in case of non-availability and with other travel requirements which individual hotels cannot. All reservations on Exoland Travel must be paid for in advance upon receiving confirmations from us. This is the only way to guarantee occupancy to the hotels and keep our prices low.




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