1. What is the local currency in Vietnam?
The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND) although US Dollars and Euros
are accepted in many hotels, restaurants and shops. Banks are open Monday to Friday
and some on Saturday morning.
Vietnamese Dongs come in the following forms:
Bank notes:  500; 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000; 20.000; 50,000; 100,000; 500,000.
Coins: 1,000; 2,000; 5,000 (gold)
• Most hotels offer the opportunity to change USD and Euros at a reasonable exchange rate.
• Shall you want to pay a bill calculated in VND by using USD,ask for the exchange rate.


2. Is it better to use Vietnamese Dongs or US Dollars?
 For everyday expenses, we recommend carrying a mix of US Dollars and VND in cash.
 For larger items or when the exchange rate works in your favour, use US Dollars.
 For cyclos, local food stalls and small purchases, it’s best to use VND.
 In either case, make sure you always have a stock of small notes so that you don’t have to worry about change.


3. Are Travellers’ Cheques accepted in Vietnam?
Banks such as CitiBank, ANZ Bank. HSBC and Vietcombank can change your Travellers’ Cheques for VND or US Dollars but a commission applies (1% to 2%). Very few shops, hotels or restaurants accept Travellers’ Cheques.
NOTE: Travellers’ Cheques can be difficult to change outside of the major cities.

4. Can I use credit cards in Vietnam?

Most credit cards are accepted in Vietnam. VISA and MASTERCARD are the most widely accepted. JCB and AMERICAN EXPRESS are also accepted in some outlets.
Not all hotels,commercial centres, shops and restaurants accept credit cards.
Check with the cashier whether card is accepted.
Bear in mind that a surcharge usually applies for credit card purchases.
VISA and Mastercard: 3% surcharge
JCB: 3% surcharge
American Express: 4% surcharge

NOTE: Surcharges can change without prior notice.
Check the percentage charged before you buy.


5. Where can I withdraw cash?
ATMs for withdrawal of Vietnamese Dong are available in major airports, hotels,
towns and capitals of provinces throughout Vietnam. Most ATMs have an English language version. Ask your tour guide for help when you need to locate an ATM.


6. What is the exchange rate for Vietnamese Dong (VND)?
Commission rates are slightly lower if changing Travellers’ Cheques into Vietnamese
Dongs rather than US Dollars. Vietcombank does not charge commission when changing
US Dollars cash into Dong, though some banks do. You receive a slightly better exchange rate for $100 and $50 notes than for smaller denominations. When cashing Travellers’ Cheques you may be asked for your passport.
You can check real-time official exchange rates with the combination of a currencies
converter anytime.






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